Learn Your Rights is for Black workers, by Black workers.

Have concerns about your working conditions? Want to learn more about your rights and what actions you can take for better working conditions? You're in the right place.

Each one teach one

Volunteers and experts in the Black community came together to connect worker information & education to our realities as Black workers in Ontario.

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Learn Your Rights!  Scarborough Workers' Information Clinic

Date: February 18, 2023
Where: The Hub - Mid Scarborough 2660 Eglinton Avenue East
Cost: FREE

Event & Outreach Volunteer Opportunity!

We're looking for Black youth aged 15-25 based in the GTA to participate in a workers' rights leadership program!

Apply by February 1, 2023.


Learn your rights,
fight for your rights

Farmworkers win their Human Rights Complaint by standing together

"We were racially profiled in our workplace. We knew it was wrong so we stood up and filed a charge at the Human Rights Commission. Sometimes you will see only one person speak out on something that is hurting everyone.

My advice is to stand and unite as one. When you’re united and you stick together, you can’t just be targeted by employers."

- Jamaican Farmworker
Workers unite to challenge racism through a class action lawsuit

"The stress took a physical toll which affected my mental health. I got hurt on the job, and I wasn’t getting better. I continued going to work, even though I was sick...I would like things to change for the young people who want to join the public service."

- Carol Sip, Federal Public Service Worker
Black union leaders are here for you

“Creating spaces for Black workers is critical to support our communities and build our power for social change. As a union leader, I am focused on anti-racism, building equity in the labour movement and strengthening the connection between labour and racialized communities. This involves organizing and education, using worker-centred engagement and community activism.”

- Craig Reynolds, Regional Executive Vice President, PSAC Ontario

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